What is Probate?

When a person dies their possessions, property and money they leave behind is known as their ‘estate’. Probate is the legal process of dealing with the estate. Money is collected, outstanding debts are paid and the remaining estate is distributed to those entitled.

How to Obtain Probate

You can apply for probate through the Government website, however, many people prefer to employ a probate specialist or solicitor to perform the process on their behalf.

Following application, the Probate Registry will issue a document which is called a ‘Grant of Representation’. There are three types of grant:

Why do I Need a Grant?

A Grant is necessary as any money held with various different organisations in the deceased’s name will need to be paid into the estate and the Grant allows the fund to be released. The person named on the Grant of Representation is responsible for distributing the estate to those entitled.

Is Grant Always Required?

In some cases, a Grant is not needed to release the deceased assets. Each organisation will have their own set of requirements for releasing funds, however, if an organisation wishes to see the Grant of Representation, you will have no other option but to proceed with an application for probate.

Who Can Apply?

Contact H. H. Evans

If you require further advice, we can assist you. In addition, we can also recommend local solicitors that offer probate services.

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